Mobile Phone Networks

If you have any kind of mobile phone in the UK you will be on one of the main UK mobile phone networks.  Of course there is nothing to say you must remain on that same network for any length of time.  Some areas of the UK have better coverage than others, so you will find that some give you a better service depending on where you live.

Here are some of the main UK mobile phone networks you will come across.


As with many mobile phone providers, Orange can provide you with Pay As You Go phones or contract ones, depending on your needs.

They also offer various deals in both cases, including a free SIM and some top up credit when you opt for the Pay As You Go option.  The contract version has many different top of the range phones available too, so for a monthly fee you can get on the Orange network with a brand new updated phone.

3 mobile

The home page of this site allows you to check the coverage of their network in your area.  This is an advantage because you will be able to see whether it suits your needs before opting to sign up for this network.

They can provide you with Pay As You Go phones, SIM only phones and also the popular contract phones.  You can also find Nokia, BlackBerry, LG and Samsung phones among the 3 range, among others.  So you see, if you want to use the 3 network service you will find lots of opportunities to do so.


The most impressive thing about this network is the depth to which they explore how their network is available in your area.  They have a UK coverage map on their website so you can check the strength of their network in your area.  All you have to do is type in your post code.

They also compare their network to all the other popular ones, and theirs came out on top recently in a survey.


Another popular UK mobile phone network, this one is also available to have for both contract and Pay As You Go phones.

And as with various other networks, O2 offers lots of different tariffs as well.  For instance they offer a monthly tariff that you can cancel at just one month’s notice.  They also offer a SIM only tariff for the iPhone should you want this particular phone.

Which network would be best for you?

This depends on whether you have a preference for a particular network.  You may want to stay with the one you have been using recently.  Alternatively you may want to change for some reason, perhaps to get better coverage.

Be sure to check all the networks before you decide, not just the ones above.  By looking at the market thoroughly you can figure out which one is best for you.